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        Ruseto College is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

                                         Welcome to Ruseto College

          At Ruseto College, we teach traditional Chinese medicine --- including massage, acupuncture, natural Chinese medicines, moxibustion, cupping, qigong, Yi-Jing, Feng-Shui, etc. We also operate professional and student Clinic. We offer certificate programs in Traditional Chinese Massage, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, as well as the unique Revolutionary Healthcare. We are located in Boulder, Colorado and providing our students with the hands-on experience and knowledge necessary to help them develop successful careers.

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A) President's Welcome   B) Vision, Purpose & Supports
C) How to Apply

A)  President's Welcome

         In the 1940s, I had witnessed that my parents and masters had cured or improved many illnesses and conditions, but those knowledge are still new to most Americans today. Why? The answer is --- most Americans, including the healthcare providers, do not aware of the true value of the Chinese Medical-Dao. The Chinese Medical-Dao included, but is not limited to, the following:

1)  The medical mainstream is the patients, but not the doctors.

2)  The patients’ daily foods are useful medicines, as well as poisons.

3)  Appropriate medical knowledge is the best tool for self-care.

4)  Everyone has a natural healing power within his body.

5)  The best way to heal a patient is to find out and follow his within natural healing power, instead of fighting against it. 

6)  A healthcare provider should treat a patient holistically, rather than apply a single “tunnel vision” to diagnose and treat the symptoms of his disease or condition.

7)  Comparing to drugs, natural medicines are much easier to be accepted properly by human body. However, it is the parents’ obligation to learn the advantages and the side effects of the foods, and pass it down to their children. 

8)  When anyone is sick, one or more organs might need a break, such as “take a nap”, or even go for “hibernation” by itself. And, any inappropriate treatment could disturb the natural healing power within his body, and also caused severe damage as a result.

          In those Ruseto College’s programs, we provide in-depth explanations of the Chinese Medical-Dao, from the Yin-Yang Theory, Five-Element Theory, etc. to Feng-Shui, Fortune-Telling, and the improvement or even the cure of most diseases.

          I would like to encourage you to enroll in Ruseto College’s program(s) and learn how to properly take care of your own health, your family, and the public. For more information please refer to our websites, the www.ruseto.com, www.ruseto.org, www.ruseto.us, www.ruseto.net, as well as my personal publications, such as the series of Medical Revolution (1), (2), (3)….


Pao-Chin R. Huang
President of Ruseto College

B)  Vision
, Purpose, & Supports

1) Vision

           The name Ruseto means love, mercy, hope, peace, health, share and more; and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes Acupuncture, Chinese natural medicines, Tuina, Qigong, Feng-shui, etc., which provides people with more preventative healthcare options, as well as actually curing illnesses, rather than just treating the symptoms.

          Unfortunately, for centuries, people have been undergoing too many kinds of surgeries, which according to the TCM does not actually cure the root cause of the ailment. Therefore, we need to educate the people to combine the TCM and Western Medicine together.

          Ruseto College began its operations in 1987 as the Ruseto Oriental Institute to educate the public. To better serve the society, in late 1991, the School applied for approval from the State of Colorado and was officially recognized in March, 1992. The school seeks to enroll more students and provides them with the excellent knowledge and skills to be able to carry out its goal --- love, mercy, hope, peace, health, share, and more, to be able to cut down medical expenses and keep people in good health worldwide.

2) Purpose 

          To educate the public, especially the students, in order to keep people in good health, as well as to cut down their medical expenses, worldwide.

3) Supports

          Mr. and Mrs. Huang continue to publish newletters, books and websites (www.ruseto.com, www.ruseto.us, www.ruseto.net, and www.ruseto.org) to share their lifetime experience with both the students and the public; meanwhile, they get feedback from the students and the public, in order to improve the school regularly and continuously, as well as to make America a better place to live.

          You are welcome to join with Mr. Huangs and continue to run their world-reknown clinic called the Ruseto Center, (in US) which was established in 1986. They have treated thousands and thousands of patients from all different walks of life, including doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, midwives, herbalists and acupuncturists. They continuously share their remarkable results and experience with the school, including its students and stakeholders.

How to Apply

1) Enrollment Procedures

          A) Contact the School in person, by phone, by mail or by email, and request an Application Form and a School Catalog. You may also download the Application Form from this website and return the completed form to Ruseto College. Applications are accepted at any time. Scholarship applications must be received by April 15th for the Summer and Fall semesters or October 15th for the Spring semester.

          B) The Application Form should be completed and returned to the School with: a) A recent photo as those shown on passports, b) $75 application fee, and c) a handwritten letter stating your reasons for wishing to enroll in the program/ courses.

          C) Upon receiving your application, the School will schedule a personal interview, phone call or e-mail within two to three weeks. Enrollment interviews are held throughout the year.

          D) Every applicant will receive a letter from the School shortly after the interview explaining whether his or her application has been accepted or rejected. Applicants can appeal a statement of rejection within 10 working days of receipt by contacting the Admissions Department of Ruseto College via postal service or e-mail.

          E) Acceptance into the program is determined by the Admissions Committee.

          F) To secure a place in the program, $300 towards your tuition is due upon acceptance within 2 weeks. It is the applicant's responsibility to check their acceptance status periodically if they don't receive a response from the School within two weeks.

          G) It is to the applicant’s benefit to complete the application and interview process early to increase the opportunity for placement because of limited enrollment space.

2) Late Enrollment

          A) Generally, late enrollment is not accepted unless the applicant’s name was on the waiting list and a space becomes available in the first few weeks of the program/ courses, or

          B) The applicant has had previous training, which qualifies him or her for participation. This is determined by the program director.

3) Entrance Requirements

          A) Ruseto College does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender or ethnic background in the administration of its educational polices or admissions.

          B) But, applicants must be in good health, both mentally and physically.

          C) For more information, please contact the Admissions Department at (303) 449 -1686.